Working Holidays

The Kimberley Croc Backpackers YHA want you to have a great working holiday experience. On arrival we can provide you with a list of local farmers that you can call to enquire employment. We also have a job board where employers post details about jobs. We can also direct you to the three job agencies we have in town.

Kununurra is a great place for farm work with sandalwood, mangoes, and many other plants. The farming seasons are as follows:
Sandalwood- All year round
Grapefruit-March, April, May
Melons and Small Crops- April through to September
Mangoes-September to November

Kununurra is also full of shops, petrol stations, restaurants, stores, and pubs, all offering a variety of jobs at different times of the year. While there is no guarantee you will find a job, there are many opportunities available.

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